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The Grass Fed Gingers are committed to progressive, innovative and dogma-free nutritional education. 

Meet The Gingers


Renai DuBois, CTNC

Also known as The Tummy Tamer, Renai is a certified nutritionist and digestive coach. She is the  momma of 3 young ladies, an avid gardener, dog lover, and golf newbie who still loves 80’s music!  

Work with Renai by visiting her website Renai Dubois Nutrition Coach.

You can also follow her on Facebook and Instragram.


Adrienne Klein, CTNC

Adrienne is a certified holistic nutritionist and thyroid coach also known as The Thyroid Whisperer.

Adrienne is a farm animal enthusiast, instant pot junkie, former cat wrangler and devoted Billy Joel Fan. 

She is also the resident nutritionist for Thyroid Refresh, your online thyroid lifestyle resource. 

Work with Adrienne by visiting her website Thyroid Whisperer.

You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram.


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